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Treats Dog Training Method

This method is one I tried when I had my first dog, Pete. It did not work. YMMV.

Pete was a pretty head-strong dog. Plus giving him a treat each time he did a sit during a heel stop was just impractical. He just did not have the appetite for all that 'candy'.

One of the biggest reasons I have for not using this method, especially for puppies is that it won't work for apartment dogs. [Pete was, at first, an apartment dog.] Look at the scenario of no yard to leave the dog out during the day. The owner has a regular 9 to 5 job. He has to take the dog out for a walk in the morning and evening. Most of the time these walks are right after the dog has eaten a wonderfully satisfying meal. Ok - now what type of dog is going to stuff himself full with more treats after being satiated with a great meal? Your dog has to be underfed or have some overwhelming appetite.

Ok - so now you say you only do the 'treats' thing when you are out on training missions. But…but…the dog has to go, long before he needs training. So how do you get a full-dog stomach to 'train' on treats while you walk him to the 'relief' area? I don't know. This method has never worked for me or for any of my dogs. YMMV.

The only time I use something vaguely similar to this is when I teach my dogs 'not to eat treats' until I give them an OK to eat.

I put down a dog cookie treat in front of my two dogs (already in a 'Sit') and say 'No'. I wait a few minutes and then say OK. Then it was OK for the dogs to eat the cookies. People are impressed with that one.

There is a recent book on this method. It is '21 Days to Train Your Dog'. Your local library probably has it. I suggest you go read it and try some of the things it suggests. Let me know how well it works out. BTW, I KNOW it takes more than 21 days to train a dog. You may only be able to spend a few minutes each day with your dog, but it will be a lifelong training program.

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