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Watch Me Dog Training Method

The watch me dog training method assumes two things:

  1. You are the Alpha dog.
  2. The other dogs follow the Alpha dog for leadership.

Wolf pack societies are well known for their hierarchical structure. Some wolf is always in charge. Packs that do not have a clear cut leader break up.

The rest of the wolves turn to the Alpha wolf for guidance. They want this situation.

Dogs have the same needs. They want someone or some other dog to be in charge. Most dogs do not want to be the Alpha dog. That is where the human master comes in. The dog owner has to train himself to act as a dog leader. No matter what training method you use (except for the Whatever Dog Training Method) will not work unless the dog owner assumes the Top Dog position.

Once your dog knows you are the Boss, then training becomes much easier.

The watch me dog training method uses techniques to get your dog to understand that you are the boss. The dog learns that you control his life. You provide food, shelter, love, play, and exercise. A dog learns that in order to please himself, he needs to please the Head Honcho.

A training collar is used to get a dog's attention. A leash is snapped quickly and then immediately released. This gets the dog's attention by closing the collar down on the dog's neck and then is released, allowing a dog to behave properly. When done properly, this does not hurt the dog. 'The Art of Raising a Puppy' has a very good explanation on how to properly use a training collar.

The training collar is why some dog owners object to the watch me dog training technique. They cannot possibly do that to their little Fluffy. Then one day little Fluffy runs out into the street. Will a treat bring her back? Will a 'Pretty please, come here, good doggie' bring her back? Will a leader bring her back with a firm command, 'Fluffy, Come!'?

The best known and widely used watch me dog training method is explained by William Koehler. Nowadays, his methods are called 'old school'. The negative connotation that implies is unfortunate. Koehler's methods are extremely effective. They do not hurt the puppy or dog either.

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