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Whatever Dog Training Method

The 'let the dog do whatever he wants' training method is really a dog training the so called 'master' to be at the dog's beck and call. The dog says 'I want to go this way. Follow me.' and proceeds to pull on the leash. Basically, the dog is dictating to the human what to do and where to go. The dog has assumed the Alpha dog status.

These are the people you see out with their dog taking them for a walk, versus the owner taking the dog out for a walk. Unfortunately, I think the vast majority of dog owners' fall into this category. That is too bad. It is bad for the dog, who may run out into traffic one day and get squashed. It is bad for the dog and child, where one day the dog snips at a child. It is bad for the owner whose dog chews up furniture, remotes and books.

If you do not care what your dog does, do whatever.

I have observed many miniature dog owners in this group. In fact, it's hard to recall a miniature dog owner who had a trained dog. One of the fallacies is that the miniatures cannot be trained or the owners think that since they are so tiny they do not have to be trained. This is sad. Those miniatures do bite and bite hard. Their manners really could stand some improvement.

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